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Successful businesses during the economic crisis

By business angels, 2.03.2015

The economic crisis from the last years affected every classes and closed lots of types of businesses. However, there still are some entrepreneurs that managed to maintain their business working and some who even invested in new ones despite the economic crisis. Some maintained themselves afloat and some even managed to make performance in various fields while other entrepreneurs were putting the padlock on their doors. About what fields are we talking about, read in the following article.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is, like the name says, energy that has the capacity to regenerate itself or has abundant, inexhaustible sources. This sector became a profitable one in the last two years, and both Romanian and foreign investors were attracted by it.
Sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat are all examples of renewable energy. Even though these resources aren’t capitalized equally, there are more and more energy investments. Some of the Romanian investors who felt that renewable energy is a productive area are: Adrian Porumboiu, Ionut Iftimoaie and Cristian Erbasu.


Now in the technological era, e-commerce is one of the most profitable choices when it comes to starting new businesses. This type of entrepreneurship started in order to restructure the investment budgets and for many businessmen, e-commerce is expanding and represents a good idea even in economic crisis.


The famous multinational companies operate mainly in the Information Technology field, fact that indicates the success they have. The IT industry is a stable one, always growing, even if it is about outsourcing, consulting or software and technology development.
An adjoining area is developing apps for smartphones. More and more persons are using these devices and the request for different types of apps is bigger and bigger.

Bio products

Made without using synthetic substances, bio products are more and more loved by people conscious about having a healthy life. That’s why a business with bio products could bring huge satisfactions.
Therefore, even though economic crisis still exists, there are lots of prosperous businesses that can be started.

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