By business angels, 21.11.2016


On December 8th 2016, ESIL Pilot will be organizing two investment webinars. Tune in from 9:30 AM CET and 4:30 PM CET for the two webinars with Brigitte Baumann from GoBeyond.

Participants will get the chance to attend two very exciting webinars about investing, structured as seen below. Each webinar will last one hour and a half and attendees will have the opportunity of interacting with Brigitte Baumann CEO & Founder of Go Beyond.

First webinar – 9:30 – 11 AM CET

Who should attend:

  • Private investors who want to estimate and negotiate start-up share value
  • Entrepreneurs who are, or will be, raising angel financing for the first time
  • Professionals who are active in the angel investing sector

Note: Attendees should be familiar with tshutterstock_157697696he concepts of Discounted Cash Flow, Net Present Value, Discount Rate, Return On Investment and Internal Rate of Return

What will be covered:

  • Review the definitions of valuation including pre and post money
  • Learn the 5 most common company valuation methodologies:
    • Assets
    • Replacement Value
    • Net Present Value based on discounted cash flow
    • Industry benchmarking of other start-ups raising money
    • Benchmarking of public companies and recent Mergers and Acquisitions transactions in the company’s sector
  • For each methodology we will review the terms and concepts followed by an exercise
  • Discuss the possible ways of postponing the agreement on a company valuation when negotiating a shareholders’ agreement and the pros and cons of implementing this.

Second webinar – 4:30 – 6 PM CET

Who should attend:

  • Investors and/or entrepreneurs who want to:
    • understand, in business language, the various clauses in term sheets and shareholder agreements
    • represent their interests and objective when negotiating/signing angel investing agreements
    • communicate more effectively with legal professionals
  • Professionals who are active in the SME investing sector

What will be covered:

  • Key principles of capital structure:
    • different types of shares
    • share value
    • releasing shares
  • What are term sheets and shareholder agreements and why have them
  • Most frequent clauses in these agreements:
    • what are they
    • why are they used
    • current practices
  • Review an agreement
  • Steps and tips for closing a deal, pre-closing and at-closing

Note: the topics covered are common EU/US practices. They do not cover local/national specificities