EBAN Business Angels Week

Business Angels Romania, EBAN member

By business angels, 27.02.2015

Recently, Business Angels Romania received an EBAN (The European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and Early Stage Market Players) membership.

Almost one year ago, EBAN has 118 members in 37 countries but at the moment the organzation has 141 members in 41 countries. EBAN planned for the next period to create MBAN (Middle East and North Africa BAN) and Africa BAN.

EBAN is a nonprofit organziation and has the mission to represent the start-up communities, to gather organization members and individuals from Europe and beyond. EBAN invests approximatelly 5.1 billions euro/year and has 260.000 angel investors. Through their business angels networks were created 2900 companies and 17800 jobs.

Between 17 and 23 November, in Helsinki, Finland, EBAN launches Business Angels Week, the world’s largest cross-border angel investment awareness initiative featuring Business Angels and Entrepreneurs from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. At this even will also participate the Business Angels Romania members. At the event will also be celebrated the Global Business Angels Day.

“What better place to converge and launch the Business Angels Week than in Helsinki which has brought us so many wonderful Success Stories, inspiring the world over,” remarked Dr. Abdulmalek Al Jaber, President of MBAN, the Middle East North Africa Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds, and Early Stage Market Players, himself former CEO of Zain and today large Angel Investor in the Middle East with MENA Apps and Arabreneur. “We are bringing a large number of business angels and entrepreneurs to Helsinki to celebrate global Angel investing at EBAN Helsinki-SLUSH and will be organizing BAW events in the Middle East in December amongst Business Angels from Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa”.